The Wannenköpfe
Ochtendung, Eifel region, Germany


September 2004: "Hematites from the Wannenköpfe"

June 2005: "Glimmers (Mica's) from the Wannenköpfe"

December 2005: "Four minerals from the Wannenköpfe:
Jeremejevite, Pseudobrookite, Nosean and Titanite"

December 2006: "Gemstones from the Wannenköpfe:
Topaz and Corundum"

in the GEA , a dutch geological/mineralogical magazine.

February 2007: "Mes découvertes au Wannenköpfe"
... a general article about the Wannenköpfe ...

in Le Regne Mineral , a (or better "the") french mineralogical magazine.

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