The Wannenköpfe
Ochtendung, Eifel region, Germany

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List of minerals which can be found

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Amphibole Andradite Anorthite Apatite Aragonite Biotite Calcite Clinopyroxene
Cordierite Corundum Cristobalite Dolomite Fayalite Forsterite Gehlenite Grossular
Gypsum Hematite Ilmenite Jeremejevite Leucite Magnesioferrite Magnetite Mullite
Muscovite Nepheline Nosean Orthoclase Orthopyroxene Osumilite Phlogopite Pseudobrookite
Quartz Rhönite Roedderite Rutile Sanidine Sillimanite Sodalite Spinel
Titanite Topaz Tridymite Volborthite Wagnerite Zircon ??? ???

This site is still under construction. I'll try to add pictures every week.

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