The Wannenköpfe
Ochtendung, Eifel region, Germany


The Eifel volcanic districht of Germany is home to a variety of beautiful and often very rare and well crystallized microminerals. Whe have seen that the last several decades extensive quarrying and roadbuilding took place in this region, and one of the results of this activity has been that mineral collectors have uncovered new species, professionals have described them, and the fame of the Eifel has grown in the mineral world.

In 1983 and 1987 Gerhard Hentschel's "Die mineralien der Eifelvulkane" came out, for many years it was "the Bible" and a must for every Eifel collector, 188 minerals were described. Today, about 320 species are known, so ..... time for a new "Bible" !

For years G. Blass, F.J. Emmerich, H.W. Graf, Ch. Schäfer and J. Tschörtner gathered information, made lots of photographs, visited lots of Eifel localities ... lots of Eifel collectors, did o lot of research and analysing, etc, etc.
With a great result ... a really complete standard work, with about 2500 (!) mineral pictures, an extensive description of 320 (!) mineral species, description of a lot of Eifel localities ... 39 with an extensive description and a present mineral list.

A must for every mineral collector, and certainly a must for every Eifel collector !

This new CD is very easy to use, and requires no installation. Just insert the CD in your PC, and automatically the browser "Firefox" will start and shows the "Startseite" (main menu) you can see underneath.

A simple click on the button "Einführung" and you get an introduction how to use the CD and more information about the contents of the CD.

A click on the button "Hauptseite" will bring you to the main event: a very comprehensive presentation of all the Eifel minerals. At the left a window for an alphabetical species list, in the middle little pictures of the concerning mineral, at the right a comprehensive description of the concerning mineral complete with references and at last crystal drawings of all the occurring forms. A click on a thumbnail ... and you see the concerning mineral in a large size.

A click on the button "Fundorte" will bring you to Eifel localities (39). At the left a window for an alphabetical locality list, one click on (of course) Wannenköpfe will bring you to your favorite locality. In the middle follows a complete species list, and a presentation and description of the concerning locality, with many pictures.

A click on the button "Literatur" will bring you to a complete list of articles (470) which are consulted and processed.

Click on "Diashow" and you can see the minerals in a large size. At the top a window with all the letters from the alphabet. Click for instance on "H" and you can watch all the mineralpictures starting with Hematite and ending with Hypersthene.

For more information and/or orders (59 euro ex. shipping) please sent a mail to
F.J. Emmerich, Vulkanstrasse 4, D - 50735 Köln.

Bulkemstraat 22 6369 XW Simpelveld The Netherlands

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